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Lauren Cook head shot v1 (1).jpg

Photo: Elena Snow

Lauren is a multi-hyphenate theatre artist

and works in a number of capacities


  • stage director

  • intimacy choreographer for stage and screen

  • voice & speech coach for singers and actors

  • sometimes actor

  • lecturer and masterclass presenter 

News & Updates

A boy on the lam happens upon a girl who is waiting for something to happen.  It could be the beginning of any one of a thousand love stories.  Except it’s not.


You see, the boy is covered in his own brother’s blood.  He’s looking for sanctuary, not love.  And the girl is consumed by the voices in her head.  She’s looking for clarity, not love.  Except there’s more.


This boy and this girl have only one hour to decide if they can love each other enough to restart the world, or let it decay into nothing.

Lauren will be directing a semi-staged reading of this new play by scientist and author Hope Jahren. The reading is invite-only, but if you are interested in attending, please send a message using the contact page! 

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